Ignorance endorsed by a great authority will not become truth.

Photo of the Indian mystic, Sadhguru by Russavia via Wikipedia commons

The quality of our lives boils down to this: the nature of our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

We want to be happy and loved. We want our lives to mean something to someone else too. We are constantly taking actions and moving towards people we think will make our lives better.

The goal itself is simple but the players (you and others) aren’t. People can be quite erratic. We, on the other hand, are constantly making wrong assumptions about what we really need to be happy.

We create conditions here and there, and without realizing it, we’ve…

Are you connecting or just desperate for more clicks and sales?

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

If instead of focusing on the most important task of adding value to your audience, you overwhelm them with links and promotions, you’re creating a negative loop that will eventually lead to fewer sales and fewer site visitors in the long run.

Writers easily fall into the trap of misusing social media platforms like Twitter out of desperation.

The urgent need to sell more books or get visitors to our websites often results in counterproductive choices.

Social media platforms are only useful when you use them to connect with your audience. But the hard truth is, most writers aren’t connecting…

On making the changes that last.

Seth Godin via Wikipedia commons

Short-term success is never planned. No one starts a business and thinks, “I only want it to do well for two years, whatever happens after that doesn’t matter.” We all want to see our ideas grow into something beyond us.

But long term success is rare because it requires more than just an idea. In the long run, what sets us apart are the changes we can make. It’s the difference that people see. …

How to still maintain mental balance on an exhausting sleepless night.


Imagine you came back from work tired and exhausted.

Even before getting home, you’ve dreamed of the cozy feeling that your soft bed will finally give you when you lay on it.

In fact, you might be so tired that you feel once you lie on it, you might just end up sleeping for three days on end.

But to your greatest dismay, you wake up two hours after sleep looking at the ceiling. This scenario is one we are all too familiar with.

Sometimes we just find ourselves in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep even…

Simple skills with tremendous advantages.


“Maturity,” Ewin Cole once said, “comes not with age but with the acceptance of responsibility.” The passage of time itself never makes anyone stronger, wiser, or mature.

There are several people with the body of a 35-year-old but with the mind of a 16-year-old. Some 23-year-olds have had experiences that have given them the mind and character of a 30-year-old.

What transforms us are the actions we take. Some of us grow up fast because we found ourselves in situations where we had no choice but to learn certain skills necessary for our survival.

True, we will all inevitably learn…

To survive, learn to make decisions and trust your judgment.

Jordan Peterson. Photo via Wikipedia commons

If you’re familiar with Jordan Peterson, it’s hard to come across any of his lectures or interviews and not stay glued to the screen. He speaks with so much passion and convictions— almost like a preacher. But this is precisely why he has had such a huge impact on so many people.

When he says it, you know he means it.

Most of his life advice is full of hard truths, which he articulates precisely and often vulnerably. Peterson sometimes talks from a point of imperfection, sometimes even shedding tears in interviews. His ideas have been quoted by many, his…

A guide to using your phone as a tool.

Edmond Dantès/Pexels

A phone is a perfect antidote to a very prominent flaw of human nature — our inherent inability to handle boredom. We quickly become addicted because a phone offers us distraction in whatever way we want it.

From booty pics, video games, to the perfect lives of celebrities portrayed on Instagram, your phone helps to take you away (or distract you) from your — often banal — reality into a fantasy world. A world where some are slaying dragons in video games, having sex with perfect body models, or feeding their imagination with the luxurious life of a celebrity. …

True wisdom goes beyond intellect.

Photo of Indian Mystic, Sadhguru via Wikipedia commons

The Indian Mystic, Sadhguru once explained to his audience that if you think of yourself as wise, then most likely, you are a stupid person. And why is that? Anyone who has attained a level of enlightenment understands perfectly how clueless we all are about a lot of things.

It is not your duty to measure the extent of intellectual ability that makes a person wise. People only start referring to you as wise when they measure you against themselves and decide for themselves — probably because you know a few things they don’t know.

This is why Sadhguru also…

You attract the best people when you’re living your best life.

Tim Douglas/Pexels

Being single should signify strength and freedom. But we often detest it.


Firstly, we have this wrong idea that when we are single, others might think that no one wants to be with us; that if we are really good-looking, attractive, or valuable enough, then there should be a line-up of people who want us by their side.

Secondly, so many of us lack the emotional maturity to live — and enjoy — our lives alone.

Human nature is also a factor. …

5 Simple Strategies.

Katerina Holmes/Pexels

A conversation doesn’t have to go on for hours to be interesting.

In fact, in most cases, shorter conversations are more memorable because they leave you wanting more.

But nonetheless, being able to keep a conversation going for a long time is still an extremely valuable skill to have.

For instance, if you’re on a date, it is ideal that you and your date have something to say to each other throughout the date. Or let’s say you’re waiting for your bus to arrive while talking with a stranger, it will be great to keep the conversation going till your…

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