Ignorance endorsed by a great authority will not become truth.

Photo of the Indian mystic, Sadhguru by Russavia via Wikipedia commons

The quality of our lives boils down to this: the nature of our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

We want to be happy and loved. We want our lives to mean something to someone else too. We are constantly taking actions and moving towards people we think will make our lives better.

The goal itself is simple but the players (you and others) aren’t. People can be quite erratic. We, on the other hand, are constantly making wrong assumptions about what we really need to be happy.

We create conditions here and there, and without realizing it, we’ve…

Creativity and flexibility are inseparable.


Creativity and flexibility are inseparable. Naturally, our minds are designed to connect ideas. Remember when you had a great idea concerning a long-standing problem after you’ve taken your mind off it?

Why does this happen? Often, your mind becomes a creative machine after you’ve worked long enough on something. Look at the most creative writers, painters, actors, artists, musicians, scientists, inventors, and business investors in the world. They all spent a good amount of time honing their craft.

They became idea machines because naturally, our minds are wired to bring ideas together. It is how we’ve survived and advanced so…

Being an introvert isn’t the same as having bad social skills.


Being an introvert isn’t the same as having bad social skills. In fact, research by Yale psychologists shows that introverts are not just more empathetic, but they also have a better ability to decipher people’s true character in social situations.

Here’s what’s even more interesting.

Most people who think they have bad social skills assume it’s because they’re introverted. And it’s no wonder why. Society has painted a false image about what it means to be introverted. …

The most precious things in life are either inherent or abstract.

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The most precious things in life are either inherent or abstract. But since it’s in our nature to want things, we are constantly looking. We hope that the next thing we seek will finally bring a feeling of fulfillment.

Impulsively, most of our thoughts revolve around things like money, fame, great sex, etc. Of course, these things are important, but they pale in comparison to the real things we need to have a life we can smile back on.

The most important things in life support our souls and our need for meaning. They are things that make us better…

Thought-provoking insights from ancient philosophers, stoics, and authors.

Image via Pixabay

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom,” Aristotle once said. And though this remarkable maxim was conceived centuries ago, it will forever hold.

One of the highest things we can attain as a species is self-awareness.

Mystics, philosophers, stoics, religious leaders, mathematicians, great scientists, etc., though all have different ways they look at the world, still share one thing in common: They know how to spend time alone.

Why? Because they understand that without time for introspection, our lives are like a darting vapor that wanders, without any purpose or direction.

It is, therefore, no wonder that anyone who has…

The best ways to make use of music

photo via pixabay

We all love music because it represents order. The very kind we crave in our lives.

The writer and philosopher, Kahlil Gibran once eloquently said that “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

Anyone who has listened to good music or has a favorite playlist would not agree any less with Kahlil Gibran. Perhaps it is the delicate arrangement of the notes. Each perfectly taking its place and serving its function. No note is more important than the other. No note overpowers the other.

In fact, the beauty of a…

How to use a sleepless night to your advantage.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Imagine you came back from work tired and exhausted. Even before getting home, you’ve dreamed of the cozy feeling that your soft bed will finally give you when you lie on it.

In fact, you might be so tired that you feel once you lie on it, you might just end up sleeping for three days on end. But to your greatest dismay, you wake up three hours after sleep looking at the ceiling.

This scenario is one we are all too familiar with. Sometimes we just find ourselves in the middle of the night unable to fall asleep even…

“Ignorance endorsed by a great authority does not become truth.” ― Sadhguru

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

“An ignorance that you are aware of and have acknowledged, is a far more powerful and a profound state than a knowledge you’ve concluded.”

These words by the Indian Mystic Sadhguru perfectly captures the dilemma surrounding our use of the internet. Today, we have conclusions about so many things without any substantial knowledge to back up our conclusions.

I’m on many Facebook groups that deal with self-improvement and psychology. One time, someone posted something concerning loneliness and solitude, then comments and arguments started rolling in. In a flash, I had wasted up to an hour arguing the hell out of…

Not everything that counts can be counted.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Interestingly, The Game of Life is a board game originally created in the 19th-century by Milton Bradley an American business magnate, lithographer, and game pioneer. The game simulates a person’s travels through life from college to jobs, marriage, children, and retirement.

By the end of its first year, The Game of Life already sold 45,000 copies. Why? Partly because it had a strong moral message: Among other lessons, the major objectives of the game were basically to land on good spaces (which fetched 100 points) and to reach a “Happy Old Age” (50 points).

Milton’s game portrays an idea most…

Practical ways you can maintain focus on your dreams.

David Goggins running 135 miles through Death Valley, California in the Kiehl’s Badwater Ultra Marathon. Goggins finished the race in 3rd place 25 hours later. Photo via Wikipedia commons.

The best guarantee for improvement is rock bottom. When you are down there, nothing else matters but getting out. And it works really well because we don’t have any more options to choose from.

A downside about being human is our natural inclination for the path of least resistance. But at rock bottom, you have no choice but to go through the resistance.

Before his remarkable transformation, both mindfully and physically, David Goggins confessed that he was fat and insecure. That was rock bottom. …

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