Simple lifestyle changes that prevent or delay the onset of Dementia.

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“When someone has dementia,” Dr. Henry Brodaty, a world-leading authority on aging and dementia, said, “the person’s brain shrinks to half its size.”

Though most people don’t have dementia later in life, it’s still among the top worries of most elderly people. It affects about 50 million people around the world, and based on the stats, there’ll be over 150 million people with dementia by 2050. But can we prevent dementia? Well, according to Dr. Rahul Jandial, a neurosurgeon, these easy-to-implement steps have proven to be useful in staving off dementia.

The Importance of Skipping a Meal

“When you wake up, consider skipping breakfast a couple…

The thin line between desire and desperation.

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A man should show interest and put in some effort to get to know a woman. That’s fine. However, when you keep chasing a woman who deliberately ignores you, doesn’t reply to your messages, and behaves like you’re lesser, that’s unhealthy.

Indeed, man should show desire. But when desire becomes desperation, that’s not a good place to be.

Here’s the thing most men fail to understand about chasing women: Even if you finally succeed in getting a woman after a long exhausting chase, you’ll end up creating the wrong relationship dynamic for yourself.

In other words, you’ll most likely always…

Ignorance endorsed by a great authority will not become truth.

Photo of the Indian mystic, Sadhguru by Russavia via Wikipedia commons

The quality of our lives boils down to this: the nature of our relationship with ourselves and those around us.

We want to be happy and loved. We want our lives to mean something to someone else too. We are constantly taking actions and moving towards people we think will make our lives better.

The goal itself is simple but the players (you and others) aren’t. People can be quite erratic. We, on the other hand, are constantly making wrong assumptions about what we really need to be happy.

We create conditions here and there, and without realizing it, we’ve…

Vusi Thembekwayo’s core principles for success.


Entrepreneurship is a lot like swimming. If you were given a textbook on how to swim and you read it for three years, after which you were chucked in the ocean, you would almost certainly sink. Why? Swimming isn’t mastered by contemplation; it’s mastered through practice.

“I live by two core principles,” Vusi Thembekwayo said to Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory. “The first is, everything everyone knows, they learned, which means I can learn it too.”

Before becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in South Africa, Vusi, like many other entrepreneurs, made a lot of mistakes in his journey…

How to make money while maintaining your peace and comfort as an introvert.

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When you read articles on side hustles, you’ll frequently find suggestions like uber or Lyft. Indeed, these are great side hustles — if you are an extrovert. Chances are, most of the time you’ve taken an uber or a lift, your driver was jovial, outgoing, and probably talkative.

However, if you are an introvert taking any of these jobs, you probably will not last long. Why? Being in a situation where you have different people getting in and out of your car all day and being forced to do small talks to appear friendly and engaged will be exhausting. …

There’s a huge difference between being “a nice guy” and being a simp.

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When people say “nice guys finish last,” they aren’t really talking about nice guys. They are talking about something else.

First off, a lot of girls actually like nice guys. Sure, she might go through that little initial stage of wanting some bad boys. But in the end, what every woman wants is someone to love her, treat her right, and respect her.

Here’s the thing: There is a big difference between being a nice guy and being a simp. …

And what to do when it happens.

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Most men assume that they will never tolerate any woman that’s using them. And indeed, the signs can be evident when it’s happening to someone else. But what if you are emotionally engaged with her already?

For most men, instead of seeing her high demands and insensitivity as a red flag, it becomes a trap for them to keep proving themself to her — a dynamic which will, of course, frustrate you in the end.

A woman who just wants to use you doesn’t care about you. Hence, you must be able to spot her emotional manipulation and unavailability before…

Simple skills that have a huge impact on our daily lives.

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The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once wrote that “the more a man has in himself, the less others can be to him.” In other words, it is competence that truly makes a man safe, not age or time.

Hence, as you approach certain milestones — like the age of 40 — there is a higher need to put a deliberate effort into evolving and improving yourself. These 20 skills are a great measuring stick for all of us. Check to see if you still have much to learn as you approach 40.

How to make a memorable toast

Have you ever been asked to give a…

According to research, your gut microbiota can regulate your mood.

Trang Doan/Pexels

There is no shortage of articles on the internet that links depression to either low self-esteem or bad childhood experiences. And while these opinions may be true, there is another cause of depression that has nothing to do with your psychology.

Ted Dinan, a brain-intestinal axis researcher at University College Cork, experimented to understand how the microbiota in the gut played a role in the genesis of depression.

For the experiment, Ted and some other researchers took a large group of patients who were attending his clinic and another healthy group who were age and sex-matched as control. They then…

Opinion Piece

Personality traits that can lead to long-term admiration

Git Stephen Gitau/Pexels

Most of us understand that men and women think differently, but we don’t consciously realize it. If you don’t understand female psychology and what’s most attractive to them, chances are you’re going to get frustrated quite often (and some things on this list might surprise you).

When your mind is caught up in intense emotion, it’s easy to mix up or forget what’s attractive and what isn’t. Left to your own impulses, you’ll most likely do the wrong things — especially if you are very attracted to the girl. …

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